Our Mission

To encourage learning, creativity and positive values.

Our main focus is primary school education: EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2.

The activities and products we create are guided by our goals to..
  • inspire children towards a lifelong love of learning
  • help teachers and parents save time and reduce their workload
  • promote, encourage and support a broad and ballanced curriculum

Today’s world is very different from the industrial era of the twentieth century; as a result, we feel modern educational practices should have the right tools and resources for this new, innovative and creative world.

Whilst a lot of our services are technology based, learning takes place both in front of and away from computers. It is up to us as facilitators, teachers and parents to support, provide and promote this variety.

What We Do

Teaching Resources

We develop and signpost resources and teaching tools to keep educators and parents informed and up-to-date. This involves providing reliable, safe content and sharing some of the best the educational web has to offer. We want to reduce your work load and help you save time in both the classroom and at home.

Mobile Apps & Games

Broader Visions is developing mobile software to make learning accessible and fun. This includes tools for adults to use with children, along with apps and educational games that allow creativity, expression and experimentation.

Educational Websites

Creative ideas for education is what we do and the Learning Playground is our current focus. A miscellany of Key Stage 2 learning activities to give children a place to learn, play, experiment and allow their curiosities to guide them.

Digital Literacy and Computing in Schools

Computing adds to the many subjects at school which help children understand the world about them. Now that a large part of the world is run through technology, it has become increasingly more relevant to teach and understand. The UK has a strong computing heritage which we hope to explore and build upon.

We’re excited to be developing new teaching resources, acknowledging that for many adults computing can be a new and often frustrating topic. Over time we will share a wealth of knowledge to help you learn and teach primary computing.